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Customer reviews help your business leverage the power of word of mouth marketing online. The majority of consumers do research online before choosing a local service; they're looking for a current, accurate picture of how you do business. Customer reviews are key to building trust with your customers. They allow people searching to benefit from the experiences and opinions of your existing customers and get all of the information they need to feel confident in choosing your business.

What we do for you!

Get reviews from your customers

We offer many ways to collect reviews from your customers. From email and phone review invitations to thank you cards and embedding the review system directly into your website, BizzSpot makes it easy for all of your customers to tell the world what a great job you're doing... All Features & Pricing »

Put your reviews online and offline visible to potential new customers

BizzSpot helps you get your reviews in front of as many potential customers as possible. Reviews are visible on your profile page, can be embedded into your company's website, and can be emailed or saved to your computer to be printed and handed out with job quotes or marketing materials to help you close more business... All Features & Pricing »

Build a fully featured landing page for your business

Your BizzSpot profile page is optimized to give you the best chance of being found. With separate tabs for photos, videos, and your customer reviews, code that helps search engines find and index your page and reviews, and multiple ways for visitors to save and share your business information, your profile page can be one of the most powerful marketing tools you have...All Features & Pricing »

Integrate with social media for even more exposure

Social network integration amplifies the power of your reviews. Customers can post their reviews to their Facebook Wall, bringing you to the attention of all of their friends instantly. Reviews on your profile written by their Facebook friends will be highlighted, giving them more weight and credibility, and all reviews are posted to the BizzSpot Twitter feed to further increase their distribution. Social media helps you maximize the influence of your previous satisfied customers...All Features & Pricing »

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