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  Details Get a free profile page, basic tools for collecting reviews and during your first 30 days get to try some of the premium review features. Sign up today and start using our powerful tools to start collecting and distributing reviews. No contracts and you can cancel at anytime.  
Post Reviews to profile page

Customers can go to your BizzSpot profile page to leave and read reviews.

Spam Filtering

BizzSpot uses Askimet spam filtering to prevent spam being posted as reviews. This means no account creation is required to leave a review, making it easier and more convenient for your customers.

Comment On Reviews

You can comment on any review with 2 stars or less, turning a bad review into a positive by showing that you attempted to handle the situation with professionalism

Reviews Posted To Facebook

When someone posts a review to BizzSpot while logged in with Facebook Connect, it automatically posts to their Facebook Wall, instantly telling all of their friends the great job you did.

See Reviews Left By Facebook Friends

When someone views reviews on your profile page while logged in with Facebook Connect, reviews from their friends as well as friends of friends are marked with a friend icon for easy visibility . This gives your reviews more credibility and weight.

Reviews Posted To Twitter

All reviews are posted to Twitter, helping get your reviews distributed online and in front of more potential customers.

Recommend Review Icon

People can instantly see that the person who left a review would recommend your business to family and friends

3rd Party Review Credibility

Potential customers have more confidence and trust in reviews collected and hosted by a third party. Consumers see testimonials on websites as holding little to no weight, and they tend to interpret them as hand-picked out of the past or made up and thus not an accurate picture of current business practices and customer opinions.

3rd Party Review Policy

Potential customers put more trust in reviews that are hosted by a provider that has a strict and credible review policy that is easy to understand. You can see BizzSpot's review policy here.

Review Badge To Display On Your Website 30 Day Trial

Display the BizzSpot review icon on your website showing your live review rating and a link to your reviews, giving customers more confidence to choose you.

Verified Review Icon 30 Day Trial

People can instantly see that a review is verified by third party BizzSpot to be that of an actual customer

Email Invitation 30 Day Trial

You can send a review invitation from your dashboard via email to customers you select. One of the many tools we give you to help in getting reviews from your happy customers. The email includes a unique verification code so the review is labeled as being verified.

Phone Review Invitation 30 Day Trial

You can supply us with the names and phone numbers of your previous happy customers and we will call them on your behalf to get a review. We will transcribe the review and put it online.

Unique Verification Codes 30 Day Trial

BizzSpot uses unique verification codes on the thank you card review invitations and in the email review invitation. The unique verification code can only be used once and is only given to customers by you. This makes it easy and simple for customers to leave a review as they do not have to go through an account creation process like on many other sites. The customers that use this code have their reviews labeled as verified.

Show Reviews On Your Website

Display reviews on your website using our proprietary HTML code. New visitors that come to your site instantly know the great job you are doing, converting more visitors into customers!

Capture Reviews On Your Website

Not only can you display reviews on your website using our proprietary html code but you can also collect reviews. Giving you a great tool to collect reviews from your happy customers right from your own site.

Print Reviews Professional Template

Print out reviews customized with your logo, name and contact details. Hand out with quotes and include with marketing materials, close more business on the spot.

Thank You Cards with Review Invitation

BizzSpot gives you 300 customized thank you cards when you sign up to hand out to your clients. Each card bears a unique verification code and instructions for leaving a review online or by phone. This is the most efficient way to collect reviews from your happy customers.

Review Dial In With Transcription Service

BizzSpot makes it easy for your customers to leave reviews by giving the option to call in their review to a toll free automated system, which is then transcribed by us and put online.

Dispute Process For Fake Reviews

BizzSpot has a detailed dispute policy in place for instances when you believe a review may not have been left by an actual customer.


Display your company logo on your profile page

Header Image

Display a header image or banner on your profile page

Photo Gallery

Display photos in a full featured photo gallery on your profile page

Search Engine Optimized

All profile pages are search engine optimized to give you a good chance of being found

Twitter Integration

You can show a live feed of your tweets on your profile page.

Face Book Integration

You can show your Facebook posts on your profile page.

Share Features

Users can easily share your profile page including, text address to cell, email, post to Facebook and Twitter, Email.

Google Map

Google map with all functionality on your profile page making it easy for potential customers to know where you are located or the area you service.

Company Slogan 30 Day Trial

Display your company slogan at the top of your profile page.

Ad Free 30 Day Trial

No ads for paid customers or during the 30 day trial.

Videos 30 Day Trial

Display your YouTube videos on your profile page.

Accreditations & Affiliations Section 30 Day Trial

Show off any special affiliations, accreditations or other awards with logos, and a link to their site.

Why Choose Us Section 30 Day Trial

Tell customers in a simple bulleted list why they should choose you over the competition.

Written Professional Description

When you sign up for the premium review package you can have a professional optimized description written for your business.


A user friendly dashboard to manage all aspect of your profile page, and reviews

Set Up Wizard

A wizard that walks you through the steps with instructions to set up your profile page


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