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1. We Give You A Free Profile Page

We give you a free fully featured profile page that is like a mini-website. Optimized to get found on the major search engines and reviews can be collected and displayed here.


Custom Image banner, Accreditations, Overview Tab, Photos Tab, Videos Tab, Reviews Tab



2. We Help You Get Reviews

We give you tools that makes it easy to collect reviews from your happy customers. Which includes thank you cards, phone reviews, email review invites, and more. We also include several review protection tools as well.

Cover all the basis

Thank You Cards, Phone Reviews, Email Review Invitations


3. We Help You Distribute Reviews

Now that you have great reviews, we give you toolsd to get those reviews in front of potential customers so they choose you instead of the competition. Which includes social media integration, online distribution, review badge, ability to print reviews and more.

High Tech Tools

Embeded Reviews, Review Badge, Printable Reviews, Social Media Integration


4. Sales Increase

Potential customers want to know what your previous customers experience was with using your business and they put the most faith in independent reviews. So if you have a way to show great reviews you will increase sales.

See Examples  

Custom Image Banner

BizzSpot gives you a page with an optional Custom Image Banner, which we can populate with one of your images or one of our high quality stock photos. As they say, "an image is worth a thousand words." When new customers find your page on the Internet, it's important to show them images that tell them what you do without reading any of the content.

Display of Accreditations

Your BizzSpot page has an optional area to show off your accreditations. Some companies belong to various business groups or quality rating systems. You are competing with the other companies that come up with you in a potential customer's search results, so it's important to display anything that may help that customer choose you over your competition.

Overview Tab

BizzSpot's profile pages are optimized to be found easily by the search engines. Our profiles are constructed so that the search engines can quickly understand the nature of your business. This helps improve your ranking on search results pages, exposing more potential customers to your company.

Your Photos

BizzSpot gives you a separate photo tab that allows you to build online media portfolios, which can be updated and maintained at your convenience. Displaying pictures of your previous work or products that you sell increases your credibility and gives potential customers more confidence in your business.

Your Videos

BizzSpot gives you a separate video tab; your YouTube or Vimeo videos can be embedded directly on your profile page. Video testimonials, office tours, TV commercials, and video of job sites can all emphasize the quality of your work and increase trust in your business, helping you stand out from your competition and get more business.


Customers can go to your BizzSpot profile page to leave and read reviews. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising, and reviews bring that power to the Internet. Not only do reviews help your ranking in the search engines, they let your happy customers speak directly to your potential customers about how great your company is.

Thank You Cards

BizzSpot gives you 300 customized thank you cards to hand out to your clients. Each card bears a unique verification code and instructions for leaving a review online or by phone. This is the most efficient way to collect reviews from your happy customers and a great personal touch at the end of a job or when a product is purchased or delivered.

Review Dial In With Transcription Service

BizzSpot makes it easy for your customers to leave reviews by giving the option to call in their review to a toll free automated system, which we then transcribe and put online. This allows more of your customers to write you reviews, helping spread the word about the great work you do even faster.

Email Invitations for collecting reviews

BizzSpot gives you a way to send a review invitation via email to customers you select. The email includes a unique verification code so the review is labeled as being verified. This is a great tool for getting reviews from your satisfied customers.

Display Reviews On Your Website

Display your reviews on your website using our proprietary HTML code. This same code also allows you to collect reviews directly from your own site. New visitors to your website will instantly hear from your customers about the great job you're doing, converting more visitors into customers!

Review Badge To Display On Your Website

BizzSpot gives you a review badge that you can put on your website showing your live review rating and a link to your reviews, giving customers more confidence to choose you.

Print Reviews

BizzSpot gives you a way to print out reviews customized with your logo, name, and contact details. Hand your reviews out with quotes or include them with marketing materials and close more business on the spot.

Social Media Integration

When someone posts a review to BizzSpot while logged in with Facebook, it automatically posts to their Facebook Wall, instantly telling all of their friends about the great job you did. On average, that's 130 people who could hear about your company from one review; word of mouth has never traveled so quickly!

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