BizzSpot Launches New Review System

 January 15, 2010

BizzSpot, a Florida-based company which provides internet advertising services and an online presence to local businesses around the country, has released a new customer review system. As an increasing number of customers turn to the internet when searching for local services, finding a way to bring word of mouth advertising online is crucial. Reviews allow potential customers looking online to benefit from the experiences of previous clients of the business. BizzSpot's review platform gives business owners multiple ways to leverage the reviews, is user-friendly and simple for customers, and makes use of several features to ensure maximum online exposure and search engine compatibility.

BizzSpot's review system is easy for the business and the customer alike. Companies are provided with thank you cards to hand out to their clients. Each card bears a unique verification code and instructions for leaving a review online or by phone. Reviews left using one of these codes are marked as verified, meaning they have come from a confirmed customer of the business. A review can also be created without a code; the BizzSpot review policy explains the strict guidelines for reviews and details the dispute policy for handling reviews business owners believe may have come from non-customers or that are otherwise fraudulent or libelous in nature.

Customers are asked to rate their experience on a scale from 1 to 5 stars and are prompted for comments about pricing and general likes and dislikes. The final, key question asked is whether the reviewer would recommend the business to friends and family. This particular question carries considerable weight with potential clients as it is one of the truest indicators of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

A company's reviews will display on the Review tab of their BizzSpot profile page. BizzSpot's Facebook application makes it possible for reviews to be displayed on the reviewer's wall. An API allows all reviews generated to be fed to the BizzSpot Twitter stream. Business owners can also embed the review system directly into their own website. Not only does this give customers the ability to read and write reviews without leaving the company's site, it also allows visitors to the website to benefit from the experiences and opinions of previous customers. In addition, business owners can print or download their reviews to include with promotional mailings, hand out with job quotes, or combine with other marketing strategies.

BizzSpot's review system makes use of the review's microformat. This method of marking up the code for the website allows the reviews to be recognized and indexed by search engines like Google and displayed along with a company's Local Business Listing next to the map. If the business has embedded the reviews on their website, they may also be displayed as part of the organic search result for the site.

BizzSpot's review system is robust and flexible while retaining maximum ease of use. Integration with Facebook, Twitter, and the company's website, multiple ways for customers to leave reviews and for businesses to display and leverage those reviews combine to make up a simple but powerful tool to help businesses take their word of mouth advertising to the world wide web.


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