Enhanced Profile Pages From BizzSpot – Improved Content, Faster Load Time

 March 16, 2010

BizzSpot, a Florida-based company which provides internet advertising, customer review services, and an online presence to local businesses across the country, has unveiled upgraded profile pages for their customers. Faster load times, integrated sections for photos and video, and an interactive customer review section are just a few of the enhancements now appearing on BizzSpot's profile pages.

BizzSpot's new profile pages display a better overall visual appearance as well as improved organization. The new sections for photos and video are especially exciting. Separate photo and video tabs allow businesses to build online media portfolios, which can be updated and maintained at their convenience through an individual login to their profile page. The photo section automatically creates a slideshow from the uploaded images. Pictures of job sites and completed work, video testimonials, and virtual office tours are just a few of the possibilities made available through these sections. The profile pages now also include a customer login where all of these features can be managed from a dashboard.

The enhanced profile pages also feature an integrated customer review system. Clients can leave verified reviews either through a phone call, which is then transcribed, or by going online. BizzSpot's unique system differentiates between actual customers whose reviews are given a verified stamp of approval, and other reviewers of the business who do not receive this stamp. Additionally, the business owner is able to respond to low review scores directly on their profile, improving customer service and lending further authenticity to the review system. The BizzSpot review policy explains the strict guidelines.

Visitors to a business's BizzSpot profile will find multiple ways to save the business information or share it with their friends. BizzSpot's Facebook application allows reviews to be displayed on the reviewer's wall, instantly making it possible for all of their friends to know the great job that business owner is doing. An API also allows all reviews to be posted in the BizzSpot Twitter stream, helping drive traffic to that page.

In late 2009 Google began discussing a project called "Caffeine," an update to the algorithms it uses to index and rank WebPages. Along with a host of other improvements and changes, Google now plans to begin using page load time as a ranking factor for its search results. "If you have two sites that are equally relevant (same backlinks…everything else is the same), you'd probably prefer the one that's a little bit faster, so page speed can be an interesting theory to try out for a factor in scoring different websites," says Matt Cutts, a Google representative. Page load time is already one of the factors used to determine quality scores (and thus, to a certain extent, cost) within Google AdWords.

The new iteration of BizzSpot's profile pages are optimized not only for content but also to achieve the best load time possible. By using sprites, multiple graphics can be "stacked" into one image; the result is a smaller overall page, which takes fewer http requests to load. Both of these help improve the time a website takes to display. In addition, all the css and javascript is mini-fied (the process of removing all unnecessary characters from source code, without changing its functionality, thus making the file smaller) and gzipped (a compression process to make files smaller). The resulting shorter load time translates to a better user experience in the eyes of many consumers.

The pages are also better optimized for SEO purposes. The use of header tags (H1, H2, H3) has been improved which helps communicate the topic of the page to the search engines. The pages also now include location breadcrumbs that help the user know where they are in the site's hierarchy; search engines like this as it gives them contextual clues about the page's content and the structure of the site. Micro-formatting has been used for the business's contact information and for the reviews. Micro-formatting is simply a semantic markup that allows the search engines to know the meaning of a piece of information on a web page. This allows reviews from BizzSpot to appear in the search engines' results pages. Additionally, all features work with javascript disabled (degrade gracefully), which means even if a visitor to the page has java disabled they will still be able to see and use the profile page. The profile page is also compatible with all of the popular web browsers – Internet Explorer back to IE6, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and others.

The profile pages now available to BizzSpot's customers combine an array of features that are both user friendly and SEO friendly. A full featured review system, social media integration, and multiple enhancements to the site architecture make BizzSpot's enhanced profiles an aesthetically pleasing and ultimately powerful marketing tool for local businesses.


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